Sunday, October 3, 2010

A tale of two halves... and a 10 x 10

There wasn’t much unusual about the Marg Chennai GiveLife Half. For the uninitiated, GiveLife is double entendre. This time it almost was not. As usual there was no support in the last 7Km – no water / no people support aid stations. And surprise – the police were cheering us. May be the intent was to windup early. And we got a medal and a certificate + a magnetic coaster.

Whilst my training for a  marathon, somewhere sometime this season, was suffering big time, one Mr. Srinath from Chennai Runners came up with the idea of 10 x 10 x 10. 10k each day for 10 days in a chain of runners so that 100 days are covered including overlaps. Ram picked up the idea and started reeling set after set of 10x10.  

I wasn’t very enthused with the idea until suddenly my running buddy had to shift out of town. And lo, we started our tryst with the challenge. Running late into the nights after work et al. And finished in style, though without her. Shame.

The challenge isn’t with the distance itself daily but the discipline that it brings to you. Your mind has to be tuned to the challenge finding that 1 /1.5 hours of time to squeeze in to get it done. After my half on the 9th day, Tiger asked if it helped. Not sure, honestly. But definitely makes you satisfied at the end of it. What more to top it with a finish in ECR 12 run and a medal to go with it. I want to post my set with the Garmin Connect links shortly.

Also, there was this switch from evening to morning that I wanted to make. I wanted to do this in the middle of the set so I could coast to safety as I approached the ECR run which ofcourse was in the morning. I didn’t want to run a half after a night 10K run. So I grabbed the chance of doing the half in the evening before in ECR, a foolish and dangerous proposition with the mad traffic, rash drivers and high beams glaring at you with a dark road when there were no vehicles. I managed to get over that, vowing never to repeat this again. Shahid, the race director gave the medal at the finish with the organizing team and their families cheering me. Worth every pain and risk.

I am glad my shoes, Adidas Supernova 17 is doing fine so far at 450K mark. Time to buy my next however :D I think this is ever so slightly showing signs of starting to breakdown.

My bro finished his first ECR as a Chennai Runner – his second half in an event and his third half finish. I am thrilled to bits to have another runner.

And a bonus – My boss and friend Ganesan Sekar ran a 5k for the first time and was elated with the arrangements. He has been a big supporter of mine. More to come from him I hope!


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